A Chance For All The Family To Get Involved

A Chance For All The Family To Get Involved

It’s always such fun when a family takes full advantage of Steve’s belief that commissioning a new handmade table or any piece of handmade furniture is a great opportunity to get everyone involved. The ethos of his bespoke service is to actively encourage his clients to take part in the design itself, whatever their age.

While you can’t get any simpler than a good honest English oak square leg table, that’s not to say that there isn’t the opportunity to make it just that little bit special, a unique piece for you and your family.

 “Thank you for all your time, patience and advice when it came to choosing the right table for us. It made such a difference that we were able to make it a family experience and to include a couple of special details chosen by the boys. When friends and family are round and see the table for the first time, they very proudly point out their contributions.” Nick Bentley, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Even if you have little experience in design, most people know what they like. By adding even the smallest details you can make your piece of furniture unique and exclusive to your family for generations to come. For example, you could choose a gently distressed or highly polished finish, plain or detailed legs, dovetail joints or rustic wooden peg detailing. There’s so many options and the choices can be all yours.

If you like the look of this handmade table or have a particular idea or style in mind, please send an enquiry to info@handmade-oak-tables.com or call Steve directly on 07989 392 421 to discuss your requirements.