Welcome to Steven Baker Furniture

For more than 30 years, Steve has welcomed clients to his friendly showroom and workshop at Folly Farm. Here he creates beautiful, bespoke handmade tables, handmade seating and handmade furniture that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Steve loves to share his enthusiasm with others. He is very passionate about working with our great home grown timbers. He focuses on what you want, so that you can be proud of and cherish your piece of handmade furniture for years to come, remembering the fun that you had in designing it.

Latest News

September 16, 2021

Celebrating The Welsh Stick Chair

As a master craftsman with many years of experience, Steve thoroughly enjoys turning his hand to the craft of chair making. He recently had the opportunity to hand make a charming traditional Welsh style chair. This well proportioned chair was inspired by a design that is thought to have originally come from North Wales. Celebrating the Welsh stick chair, it has a wide lozenge-shaped seat, with only three un-tapered, heavier long sticks at the back. Most likely, the first record of a Welsh stick chair is in the manuscript of the laws of Howells Dda, a 10th century Welsh king. It is included in a […]
August 26, 2021

A Special Table In Time For Christmas

At the end of the summer Steve and his team’s thoughts are firmly focused on the busy months ahead. It may only be the end of August but very soon Autumn creeps in. Customers start thinking about that beautiful new table just in time for Christmas! Steve embarks on timber buying trips to source the best English oak for the forthcoming projects. Time in the workshop is spent sharpening blades, oiling machines and generally getting organised ready for those eager customers! So if you’re looking to commission a special new dining table in time for Christmas or any special family event, Steve strongly advises you […]
July 7, 2021

Crafting Wonderfully Unique Tables

Every table created by Steve is unique, just like every tree that is used to make it. Steve loves timber in all its forms – from standing tree to finished table. As a master craftsman he has more than 30 years skill and knowledge in crafting wonderfully unique tables. A table designed with a live edge can be a really special way to showcase the glorious beauty of English oak. Keeping the original lines of the trunk along its edges, shows the movement of the tree its more raw state. The natural charm of the wood is enhanced, by celebrating all its individual knots, cracks […]


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