Steven Baker Furniture

With over 30 years experience, Steve is very passionate about his work. He feels genuinely blessed with the good fortune of being able to spend his days crafting beautiful things in all of our great home grown timbers. Steve has established a strong reputation as a trusted and approachable furniture designer, taking inspiration from the best of classic and modern designs. He has built a robust client base in the Hampshire area, London and beyond.

Crafting Wonderful Home Grown Timbers

Steve is particularly known for his stunning English oak dining tables. Oak is a great British tradition. It has been part of our heritage for centuries and used for generations to create not only furniture but mighty warships and magnificent places of worship. Steve also creates stunning furniture in elm, ash, sycamore, walnut and many other wonderful home grown timbers from the British Isles. He only works with mills who supply ethically sourced timber from sustainable forests. Every log that he uses has a serial number and can be traced back to where it was felled.

Visit the Showroom & Workshop

Steve is always eager to share his enthusiasm for wood with others. Since the late 1980s, he has welcomed clients to his friendly showroom and workshop based at Folly Farm, near Winchester. It’s really important to Steve that his clients can see bespoke handmade furniture at all stages of its creation and meet with him for a truly collaborative experience. As a master craftsman, he runs a small-scale workshop with a close team of artisans. He likes to be hands-on from first inquiry to the final delivery of each and every finished piece.

For the Love of Wood

Steve loves timber in all its forms – from standing tree to finished table. Whether it’s the stature of a forest in all its glory; the smell of sawdust as he planes a piece of timber; or saving off-cuts by the stove in his workroom that he can’t bear to burn because they feel too special and look so unique. That’s why when you come to Steve for a handmade table or chair it’s so important to him that the focus is on what you want; so that you can be proud of and cherish your piece of handmade furniture for years to come, remembering the fun that you had in designing it.