November 15, 2021

A Stylish Bespoke Kitchen Island & Breakfast Bar

When you come to Steven Baker Furniture for a bespoke kitchen island and breakfast bar, you can be confident that Steve will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Creating a unique piece of furniture that not only does everything you need it to but also adds a beautifully crafted, architectural focal point to compliment your lifestyle and design aesthetic. Sitting in the middle of a kitchen, a kitchen island and breakfast bar is a great way to create extra eating, prepping, cooking, and entertaining room, as well as giving you the chance to make a real design statement. Accessibility from all sides provides useful additional […]
October 17, 2021

Your Own Handmade Drinks Cabinet

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own handmade drinks cabinet? At Steven Baker Furniture all things are possible. Recently Steve was delighted to receive a commission to craft a stunning solid oak drinks cabinet for an overseas client.   Drinks cabinets   – or cellarettes – were first seen in 15th Century Europe. They were originally created to provide a practical means of keeping one’s valuable liquor safe. During the United States Prohibition era trompe l’oeil designs appeared in order to conceal alcoholic beverages from sight. Today, drinks cabinets are sought after once again, thanks to an increased awareness and enjoyment of specialist whiskies, local gins and creative […]
September 16, 2021

Celebrating The Welsh Stick Chair

As a master craftsman with many years of experience, Steve thoroughly enjoys turning his hand to the craft of chair making. He recently had the opportunity to hand make a charming traditional Welsh style chair. This well proportioned chair was inspired by a design that is thought to have originally come from North Wales. Celebrating the Welsh stick chair, it has a wide lozenge-shaped seat, with only three un-tapered, heavier long sticks at the back. Most likely, the first record of a Welsh stick chair is in the manuscript of the laws of Howells Dda, a 10th century Welsh king. It is included in a […]


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