July 16, 2020
Victorian Garden Seat

Restoring A Victorian Garden Bench

There’s nothing like a Victorian garden bench to add some elegance to your garden. Traditionally benches in Victorian gardens were quite ornate. They were designed to show off the maker’s skill. Often they were made of stone or cast iron. The Victorians liked to place a bench at the end of a garden walk, or where there was a grand view. Recently Steve came across a pair of wonderfully ornate cast iron bench ends that needed some care and attention. This led to him restoring the first of what has become a series of classic Victorian garden benches and garden seats. Many Victorian garden benches […]
June 21, 2020

Super Stylish Handmade Bookcases

These days bookcases aren’t just about holding books. They can add real character to a room as well. Steve is just the person to speak to if you’re looking for a handmade bookcase that is both practical and stylish. The word book ‘case’ suggests a closed object. However contemporary bookcases tend to be open fronted and made up of a simple series of shelves. This is because in recent times the simple shelf has in may ways come full circle in design. It’s just kept its later bookcase name. The original wall shelf has evolved on from its earliest medieval form when scribes used it […]
May 10, 2020

Always A Warm Welcome At Folly Farm

You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome at Folly Farm when you visit Steve’s friendly workshop and showroom. He’s been greeting clients here for more than 30 years. Steve loves nothing better than to meet you in person. To get a better understanding of your requirements and what you’re looking for. Often clients will have been told about Steve through personal recommendations. While others will have found his work through the internet and will have had a chance to take a good look at the many examples on his site. Some are happy to order without a trip to the showroom at Folly Farm. While others […]