January 4, 2021

Adding A Splash Of Colour

When it comes to the design and finish of your new piece of furniture, the only limit is your imagination. Sometimes it can be nice to add a splash of colour to your lovingly crafted table or chairs. Working with Steve, you can choose whatever brand or colour of paint that you would like to go with your own colour scheme. Painting is one of many ways to personalise your furniture. Whenever you think about painting a piece of furniture, it can be good to consider several factors. Will the paint enhance the style of the furniture or distract from it? Could a coat of […]
December 3, 2020

Crafting Your Perfect Table

Steve is always eager to share his enthusiasm for handmade oak tables. For him, it’s about crafting your perfect table. When you come to Steve for a new table it’s so important to him that the focus is on what you want. He wants you to be proud of and cherish your handcrafted table for years to come. It’s this care and attention that makes all the difference to the end result.  “I am absolutely thrilled with our new oak table. Thank you very much indeed! It was well worth the wait and it looks perfect in our kitchen and I am absolutely thrilled and […]
November 14, 2020

A Unique High Oak Bar Table

When Steve received a call asking if it would be possible to craft a handmade table and stools for a new family kitchen, he had just the solution in mind. A playful, long-legged bar table in English oak with a live edge and handy drawers. The crafting of this high oak bar table is a great illustration of how together with Steve you can achieve a truly special outcome that’s just right for you. When you speak with Steve it’s all about having the chance to take part in the design itself. Even if you have little design experience, most people know what they like […]