February 24, 2019

Garden Furniture To Give Your Outdoor Space A Stylish Facelift

Now we’re well into February and with March fast approaching, the weather maps are all forecasting lots of beautiful sunshine. Snowdrops and crocuses are bursting forth and it seems like Spring might really be here … or maybe like last year we’ll have a sudden dump of late snow just in time for Easter! Whatever the weather, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. Now is just the time to be thinking about commissioning new handmade garden furniture ready for Summer. Whether you have a luscious lawn, small courtyard or compact balcony area, a new piece of handcrafted made-to-measure garden furniture […]
January 26, 2019

Furniture Made To Last

Steve is particularly known for his stunning dining tables, more often than not made from English oak. The mighty English oak is woven into the history and folklore of England. The timber is prized for its strength and durability. It is still used not only in the making of furniture, but also in the construction of houses, and of shipbuilding. One of Steve’s latest table designs has been inspired by the great oak’s contribution to shipbuilding. The substantial and unusual looking Curved Edge Table is made in heavy English oak. Its wonderful shape, with its elegant lines feels almost like the crafted bow of a […]
December 11, 2018

Crafting Stunning Pieces In Our Great Home Grown Timbers

With over twenty-five years experience Steve is very passionate about his work. He loves timber in all its forms – from standing tree to finished table. Whether it’s the stature of a forest in all its glory; the smell of sawdust as he planes a piece of timber; or saving off-cuts by the stove in his workroom that he can’t bear to burn because they feel too special and look so unique. He feels genuinely blessed with the good fortune of being able to spend his days crafting wonderful things in all of our great home grown timbers. “It all started with the old man. He taught […]