November 10, 2022

Always A Warm Welcome At Folly Farm

You’re always guaranteed a warm welcome at Folly Farm when you visit Steve’s friendly workshop and showroom. He’s been greeting clients here for more than 30 years. Steve loves nothing better than to meet you in person. To get a better understanding of your requirements and what you’re looking for. Often clients will have been told about Steve through personal recommendations. While others will have found his work through the internet and will have had a chance to take a good look at the many examples on his site. Some are happy to order without a trip to the showroom at Folly Farm. While others […]
October 11, 2022

For The Love Of Wood

With over 30 years experience, Steve is very passionate about his work. He loves timber in all its forms – from standing tree to finished table. He feels genuinely blessed with the good fortune of being able to craft beautiful things in all of our great home grown timbers. Steve is eager to share his enthusiasm for wood with others and for you to feel the same joy and excitement that he does, when you welcome your new table or piece of furniture into your home. “Just wanted to let you know that the table is now part of the family, much admired by all […]
September 2, 2022

An Extendable Table-Leaf Table Offers Versatility Especially During The Festive Period

Every table that Steve makes, whatever the height, shape or style can be created with an additional extendable table-leaf. A table-leaf is a board that can be attached to the end of the table to vary the size of the table itself. This traditional solution offers flexibility in seating whatever your requirements. It is especially convenient during the festive period for Christmas and New Year feasting with friends and family! When you can all get together around the table to celebrate it makes it that little bit extra special for you and all your guests. If daily dining needs space for only a few people, […]