August 4, 2022

Something Special For A Small Space

While big can be beautiful, small can be just as special. It’s not always about making a grand statement. Sometimes it’s about finding something to really make the most of a small space. Steve has experience creating handmade tables and handmade furniture in all sorts of shapes and sizes for his customers. “We are delighted with the two new tables; they look terrific and really finish off the room well. Thanks also to Callum for easing the drawers in the sideboard, they now glide beautifully. We talked to Callum about the possibility of your making some bedside cabinets for us in the New Year. We have […]
July 20, 2022

A Chance For All The Family To Get Involved

It’s always such fun when a family takes full advantage of Steve’s belief that commissioning a new handmade table or any piece of handmade furniture is a great opportunity to get everyone involved. The ethos of his bespoke service is to actively encourage his clients to take part in the design itself, whatever their age. While you can’t get any simpler than a good honest English oak square leg table, that’s not to say that there isn’t the opportunity to make it just that little bit special, a unique handmade table for you and your family.  “Thank you for all your time, patience and advice […]
June 23, 2022

To Paint Or Not To Paint? The Choice Is Yours

The beauty of working with Steve and commissioning a table or any piece of furniture, is that you can make choices that are personal to you. The trestle table is a style that has been popular for centuries. Historically, the trestle icon has been used in heraldry as it was symbolically associated with hospitality, being used both as a stool and to support tables at banquets. Now you could choose to go for a very classic, weighty style using a combination of English oaks. For example, here the distinctive trestle base and table top ends are made in English brown oak. True brown oak is […]