Bespoke Design Service

For most of Steve’s clients this is the fun part of having a piece of furniture made to order. The ethos of his bespoke service is to actively encourage his clients to take part in the design itself. Even if you have little experience in design, most people know what they like and this is something that all the family can get involved in. By adding even the smallest details you can make your piece of furniture unique and exclusive to your family for generations to come.

Handmade Tables, Chairs & Furniture

Designed to suit you
It’s all about what you want. Steve is here to help keep the process nice and simple. As part of your conversations, for a table for example, he will help you to consider timber type and finish, how much seating room is required for each person, table width, base considerations and top thickness.

Select your wood
Steve can source a wide range of woods. He picks all timber by hand, as each piece of timber is different. If you would like, this is the chance for you to come along and visit the sawmill to choose your own timber. You can even discover the origin of the tree it came from, as Steve only uses ethically sourced timber from sustainable forests. Every log that he uses has a serial number and can be traced back to where it was felled.

Choose your finish
Finishes can also be tailored to your specific requirements, such as hard wax oil, paint, varnish or even left raw in its natural state. Each finish enhances the woods natural beauty in a different way. Steve is always happy to make up samples if you’d like to see them before you make your final choice.